Panel Three: Ethics & the unconscious bias of AI

Panel Three: Ethics & the unconscious bias of AI

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The AI Talks were invited to hold a panel discussion on the Ethics & the unconscious bias of AI at  Connected World Summit & AI Tech World at Printworks, Surrey Quays.

With the embedding of AI in our businesses and our day to day lives; what systems and checks can we put in place to ensure that humans embed a balanced and clearly defined default position in our AI’s? with our; moral principles, ethics and human values, encourage transparency, that AI evolves to be non-discriminatory and respect data protection. Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft have established a non-profit partnership to formulate best practices on artificial intelligence technologies, advance the public’s understanding, and to serve as a platform about artificial intelligence.

In this panel discussion, we will engage in dialogue and explore;

1. How can we better educate ourselves about the risks of unconscious bias in humans and in our technology?
2. How can we better embed the art of responsibility within humanity, to ensure that we make decisions to protect humans and to enhance our lives?
3. What transformation is required to ensure that humans and AI can work together cohesively and in harmony?
4. How do we harness empathy and common sense to promote and support humans to be responsible agents of technology?